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 Engage, Persist, Soar


About Us

Porters Neck Elementary School Core Beliefs

  1. We believe respect matters. We will acknowledge and seek to understand each other's diverse backgrounds and beliefs. We will learn from one another in order to value, support, and advocate for the unique needs of our community.
  2. We believe family matters. Our school family will work together to build meaningful and supportive relationships where everyone has a voice and a vital role in achieving our vision together.
  3. We believe integrity matters. Integrity will be modeled in every situation as honesty and trust are key to ensuring mutual respect.
  4. We believe kindness matters. We will seek to know, understand, and meet the needs of others while not seeking anything in return. We will maintain positive interactions with others, even when they do not.
  5. We believe patience matters. It is important for everyone to show persistence with a positive attitude while leaving space and time for individual growth and achievement.

Porters Neck Elementary Vision Statement

Porters Neck Elementary is a premier educational institution which prides itself in focusing on building a collaborative and inclusive environment which empowers all students to become lifelong learners through engaging, personalized educational experiences with a focus on play, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our students value kindness, integrity, cooperation, and have the self-awareness, self-respect, and skills needed to pursue excellence in a rapidly changing world.


Porters Neck Elementary Mission Statement

We inspire all Pelicans to engage and learn through collaboration and play, insisting on the creation and nurturing of meaningful relationships, and personalizing instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students.

Pelicans Engage, Persist, Soar.