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Attendance Expectations

We are currently under Plan C for grades K through 5 with remote learning for all until January 22, 2021. We will transition to Plan B AA/BB schedule on January 25th, 2021. On January 25th, in order for students to be counted present under plan AA/BB the following must occur:

AA/BB Face-to-Face 

  • Attendance will be taken Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday based on attendance in students’ in person classes. Students not attending assigned in person classes will be marked absent.

AA/BB Remote and Full Remote Learning 

  • Attendance will be taken Monday-Friday based on a students’ attendance in synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students not attending Zoom classes and not completing asynchronous assignments will be marked absent.
How can I be counted present?
Synchronous Instruction:
  • Participate the entirety of the Zoom lesson
  • Complete the work assigned during the zoom 
Asynchronous Instruction:
  • Complete the assignment the day it is assigned or by the due date

Virtual Academy

  • Attendance will be taken Monday-Friday based on a students’ log in and work completion. Daily log-ins to each class are expected. Those not logging and completing work will be counted absent
How can I be counted present? 
  • Log in Monday-Friday and complete all assignments by the due date